FSHub Featured Photo Contest


What will you remember most from your post? Summer 2018 photo contest.

Send us your best shots. We want to see what you will remember and miss from your post when moving on. What do you wish you could bring with you? Your favorite place, food, etc.

Please make sure your photo(s) include something or someone that indicates the post/country where the photo was taken (landmark, flag, traditional clothing, typical sight, dish, unique landscape, etc.).

Winner receives the AAFSW book “Moving your Household Without Losing Your Mind (delivered through amazon.com).

First, second, and third-place winners will be announced July 30th. The selected photos will be featured on FSHub.org, AAFSW.com and its newsletter, Global Link.

Please send your photos to hubphoto@aafsw.org before July 20th, stating your name and location. All photos submitted will be featured in the FSHub photo gallery throughout 2018.

Good luck!

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