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1/15/2018: Update to our photo contest: Unusual Holiday Photo Contest: Thank you all for participating! We received many wonderful shots which will be featured in the gallery over the next year; unfortunately, most did not meet the criteria of the contest. Therefore, our judges felt that the prize should be kept for our next contest. Watch this space for the next contest where you can win a great Foreign Service book! Or click on our contest page.

12/14/2017: Details of our new photo contest are now live! Click here to go to our contest page.

12/13/2017: Link to FLO’s video on Resilience During the Holiday Season, posted in the Resilience section on our Medical, Wellness and Resilience page. (Watch the recorded version at goo.gl/HJUYCD to learn effective strategies for dealing with holiday expectations and demands to have a more positive holiday season.)

12/1/2017: Article on EFM educational businesses, linked in the EFM Businesses section and the Education section. The direct link is here on AAFSW.org.