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Office of Overseas Schools

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Educational Travel Allowances (OpenNet Only)

Educational Travel Allowance

AFSA Education Resources

Educational Support Businesses run by Foreign Service family members (counseling, school placement, supplemental materials, college prep)

EFM businesses providing a wide range of support services to FS families with kids.

School Tips

Researching Overseas Schools

U.S. Schools

FSYF DC Area Schools

FLO’s Education and Youth Office



New! The AAFSW “Twice Exceptional” Merit Scholarship for High School, Gap Year, and College Students (Freshmen and Sophomores) with an IEP. Two scholarships are available for $2,500 each.

AAFSW 2018 Merit Scholarships

AAFSW Youth Merit Scholarship

FSYF Contests & Awards

AFSA College Scholarship

State Department Federal Credit Union Scholarships


Programs for Young Adults

Internships, exchange programs and scholarships in foreign affairs


Special Needs & Gifted Students

FLO Special Needs & the Foreign Service Child

FLO Gifted Education

AAFSW Special Needs Families – Facebook group

FSSpecialNeeds – yahoo group

FSYF’s Special Needs & Gifted Students Resources



FLO Homeschooling and Online Education

FSYF’s Home and Online Learning Resources

FSHomeSchool – Yahoo group


Boarding School

FLO Boarding School Options

Allowances and Options

AAFSW Boarding School Parents – Facebook group

FSYF Boarding School

RNG International: Boarding school placement service operated by a Foreign Service family

AFSA Boarding School Lists


College Admission Resources

FLO College & Beyond

Foreign Service College Bound – Facebook group

FSYF College Bound Resources



Reading List for Foreign Service Parents

Raising Kids in the Foreign Service

FLO Bouncing Back: Transition and re-entry planning for the parents of Foreign Service youth

FLO Suggested Reading List of Books on Parenting Abroad

Denizen Magazine

Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds

Raising Global Nomads: Parenting Abroad in an On-Demand World

Relocation Workbook “Kids on the Move”

Emotional Resilience and the Expat Child: practical storytelling techniques that will strengthen the global family

AAFSW’s Amazon Book Shop

FS Blog Roll



Transition Center Courses

Challenges for Foreign Service Families Course Listing

Course Listing on Foreign Service Children


Social Media Resources for Parents

FSParents – yahoo group

FSSpecialNeeds – yahoo group

AAFSW Special Needs Families – Facebook group

AAFSW Parents – Facebook group

Foreign Service Special Needs Affinity Group – Facebook group

Multilingual FS kids

FS Gifted



FLO Pregnancy & Adoption



FLO Adult Education

FLO Professional Development Fellowship

Family Member Professional Development