Foreign Service Community Support Offices, Groups and Organizations
Online groups and forums to help you connect with other Foreign Service members.

Foreign Service Social Media
AAFSW-run social media groups and more.

Bidding, Travel and Moving
General moving, moving with pets, school research links and unaccompanied tour support.

Education and Parenting
Raising children in the FS, scholarships, special needs/gifted, boarding school,social media resources, adoption.

Life at Post
Bidding resources, social media groups, emergencies,
and post evacuation.

Health and Medical
An overview of MED, general clearance information, health insurance options, medical evacuation.

Finances, Legal and Insurance Resources
Insurance resources.

Employment for Spouses, Partners and Retirees
EFM employment and retiree support.

Back in the USA
Transitioning back to the United States.