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Career-Oriented Groups

  • EFMs Helping Other EFMs Find Employment: A closed Facebook group where family members discuss employment options, freelance and home business ideas, and to post questions regarding family member employment. There is a large number of EFMs with admin rights to add new members.
  • Expanded Professional Associates Program: A closed Facebook group for EFMs who are currently in EPAP positions or wish to apply.
  • EFM Business Owners: A closed Facebook group sponsored by the Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide (AAFSW), this group is a network for spouses/partners who are entrepreneurs, freelancers, contractors, or telecommuters. Anyone in the Foreign Service community who works “outside the box” is welcome. Click “Join Group” and message the group admins or email efmbusiness@aafsw.org stating your affiliation with the Foreign Service.
  • Never CLOsedA Facebook group for past and present CLOs to exchange tips.
  • Dipneeds:  Marketplace was created to provide portable vocational options for those living the nomadic lifestyle.  List entrepreneurial services to a wide-reaching audience
  • The Network: FLO’s email subscription service for foreign affairs family members returning to or living in the Washington, D.C. area who wish to receive job vacancy announcements and other employment-related information including upcoming programs and FLO services. Family members may register to receive this information by sending an email to FLONetwork@state.gov with a personal email address, employee sponsor name, and agency affiliation.
  • LinkedIn – PROPS (Professional Partners and Spouses): A networking LinkedIn group, supporting FS family members in seeking employment locally, telecommuting, or engaging in civic and professional development activities.
  • LinkedIn – Trailing Spouse Network LinkedIn Group: Being a spouse of a career professional who is sent overseas for their work often means leaving a good job or small business to start again in a new environment. This group welcomes discussion and information about employment, career, and business issues related to spouses whether that is in an expatriate or home country situation.
  • LinkedIn – FLO Global Employment Initiative (GEI): FLO’s LinkedIn group where Global Employment Advisors (GEAs) and family members can share information on job search strategies, employment options, and career development opportunities while overseas.
  • FS – Retirement Planning – A closed Facebook group with over 1,000 members. People about 10 years from retirement or less share tips and information.
  • Teletrailing EFMS – A closed Facebook group with over 1,700 members, meant for EFMs or MOHs that telework. The group intends to share good practices and engage in helpful discussions on challenges associated with teleworking, and telework postings are allowed.
  • FS Yoga Teachers: This Facebook group is for U.S. embassy-affiliated yoga teachers interested in networking and sharing information with fellow instructors.
  • Trailing Teachers: FSOs, EFMs, and employees of other agencies serving at Embassies overseas under Chief of Mission authority who are teachers.
  • Lawyers in the Foreign Service
  • Foreign Service Musicians
  • Women’s Foreign Policy Network: A closed Facebook group for women in the National Security field to connect, engage, share ideas, and network. 
  • Foreign Service Specialists : Agroup is dedicated to Foreign Service Specialists for the United States Department of State
  • FS LWOP: This is a group for individuals who are interested in LWOP while working in the FS.
  • Professional Women of IRM :This group is a forum for Professional Women of IRM, Department of State, to discuss among many topics–issues related to their professional development and career. It is also a forum to seek professional advice and/or acquire mentor/mentee relationships.
  • FS in MGT: A place for MGT practitioners in the FS to ask questions and discuss best practices.
  • FS OMS Corps FS OMS Corps: A place for Foreign Service Office Management Specialists to discuss issues pertaining to their work and home lives, exchange ideas, and support one another.
  • U.S. Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT) Study Group For anyone that is studying to take the Foreign Service Officer Test
  • Future U.S. Foreign Service Officers: This group is for anyone seeking a career with the U.S. Foreign Service and preparing for the written and oral assessments. This group is not endorsed or supported by the U.S. Department of State.
  • CA Leads: CA Leads is a Facebook group for Department of State employees (including retirees and LE staff) interested in sharing and discussing leadership and management issues.
  • FS EFMs: Development & Humanitarian Professionals – A group for US foreign service spouses and members of household who work or aspire to work in the international development and humanitarian sectors.
  • Psychotherapists in the U.S. Foreign Service: This is a social networking group for licensed therapists who are members of the US Foreign Service.  
  • CA-EFMs
  • FS – Remploymed Annuitant (REA/WAE) Program: Insights, advice, and intel for retired Foreign Service officers of any cone interested in part-time WAE/REA work.
  • FS OMS Corps: FS OMS Corps is a place for Foreign Service Office Management Specialists to discuss issues pertaining to their work and home lives, exchange ideas, and support one another.
  • Foreign Service College Bound: Do you speak FAFSA? This group is for Foreign Service families preparing to send or currently have children at their next assignment: college.

Note that the LinkedIn groups are not as active as the Facebook groups


  • Trailing Babies
  • Globetrotting Parents
  • FS Homeschool
  • FS Caregiver
  • FSO Moms
  • Expecting Drexpat: Group mainly for Foreign Service Officers and EFM’s to discuss anything pregnancy-related (birth, trying to conceive, thinking about starting a family, pregnant, OB Med Evac, birth abroad, and infant care).
  • French School Families
  • FS Parents of Kids of Color: This is a group for Foreign Service and other USG-affiliated parents to discuss bidding considerations that might affect our children at various posts. Specifically, we’ll be talking about racism, prejudice, and race-related ignorance. Adults who are concerned about facing those issues themselves are also very welcome to post and to comment.
  • FS Adoptive Parents: FS Adoptive Parents is a group for Adoptive Parents and Prospective Adoptive Parents in the Foreign Service.

Other Groups

  • Livelines: Sponsored by the Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide (AAFSW), this group is a private, moderated listserv for all members of the Foreign Service community. New members must also be current members of AAFSW.
  • Trailing Houses: A closed Facebook group for household members for post research, packing logistics, sharing recipes, and tips.
  • TH Travel Tips: A private Facebook group for Trailing Houses members to ask questions about travel, tips, and general chat.
  • Lost During My PCS: Connect with others and try to locate that missing box in this Facebook group.
  • Life as A Drexpat: A private Facebook group of 10k+ members to discuss, give tips, and share about decorating and living in FS housing.
  • FS Women with Foreign-Born Spouses: A page for Foreign Service Women with foreign-born spouses to comment, ask questions, share experiences, etc.
  • Foreign Service Tandem Couples: This group is for tandem couples in the U.S. Foreign Service. The group serves as a forum to ask questions regarding bidding, benefits, and other issues, and to connect with other Foreign Service tandem couples. This group is for same-sex and opposite-sex tandem couples, for couples who were once tandem, and for future tandem couples.
  • FS Borrow – Barter – Sell: Group for giving away or selling items and/or for service exchanges solely for American community-based FSOs and their families.
  • Toolbox for Foreign Service Families: A closed group for members of the U.S. Foreign Service (FS) community.
  • Child-Free EFMs/Spouses
  • Single in the Service: This is a group to discuss issues, concerns, and questions for people living a single life in the Foreign Service
  • The Brave, the Strong; the former EFM crew: This is a group for former EFMs, those who have divorced or separated or are in the process of separating from their spouses/partners in the State Department.
  • DiploDivers: DiploDivers is a place for folks in the Foreign Service community to post or request recommendations for dive sites or dive shops around the world and share their diving pictures and experiences.
  • FS Crafters: For fiber arts enthusiasts around the world – crochet, knitting, quilting, sewing, cross stitch – along those lines.
  • Foreign Affairs Friends of Animals Network (FAFAN): A private, non-government group of U.S. foreign affairs community members who are working in various ways for the safety and welfare of animals around the world — starting within our own Foreign Service communities.
  • Drexpets: With all the time we spend overseas, our pets spend even longer using our Drexel furniture!!! A group to share photos and talk about all the stories of pets in Drexel.
  • FS Lost & Found: This group is intended to help FS/Military/AID or other government employees who transition with their belongings and have lost an item or have ended up with an item that doesn’t belong to them.
  • DC Repatriates: This group is for Foreign service officers/specialists/EFMs who are repatriating/have repatriated back to the D.C. Metro area, for a domestic tour or long-term training, and would like to foster community & share resources.
  • Ambassadorks: The global network of “gamers on orders” and their friends. All gamers welcome – board, video, RPG, etc. Feel free to invite others, set up & promote gaming events where you are, and connect with fellow ‘dorks around the world. 
  • FS Plant Parents: This is a group for plant lovers who travel around at the whims of the USG.
  • FS Education and Lifelong Learning Expo: Experts from the EFM, FS DH, and Retiree community are excited to welcome you to the 2022 Education and Lifelong Learning Expo. Join us for any of the great informational sessions on topics relevant to Foreign Service members and families
  • LDS Foreign Service Families: LDS Foreign Service Families. All family sizes welcome.
  • FS Catholics: FS Catholics welcomes FSOs, EFMs, MOHs and employees of other agencies serving at Embassies overseas. This group is designed to connect Catholics and collaborate on ways to live the faith while posted abroad 
  • Foreign Service Jewish Life (add through admin – Lisa Korn Mishkin)
  • MED Wellness: Expanding Health from Post to Post – MED Wellness, part of the Bureau of Medical Services, provides Department employees with health education and health promotion resources on various topics such as free physical activity, nutrition, sleep, healthy aging, and more.
  • Surfers in the Foreign Service
  • FS Scouts: FS/military/ other agency officers, spouses and family members that are in Scouting (Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc), to connect, share experiences, and encourage each other.
  • FS Women: Can join only through an invitation from an Admin.
  • Foreign Born EFMs
  • Foreign Service Forum (Unofficial!): A Facebook group for direct-hire FS to identify and discuss career/professional topics – info sharing, virtual water cooler/mentorship, and considering appropriate change or advocacy. 
  • The “New” FS EFM: A Facebook group to discuss and shape the role of the “new” Foreign Service EFM/MOH in the embassy community. As demographics continue to shift this community looks to engender productive conversations to move beyond last century’s stereotypes about family members. The group encourages member involvement in the local community and working to be the change they would like to see.
  • FS House Hunters International: A Facebook group for the FS community to discuss international real estate.
  • FS Sell it or List It: A Facebook group for these returning to the DC/NOVA area with real estate listings and more.
  • EFMs/MOHs/FS members sharing Recipes/Cooking skills
  • Expansive EFMs
  • FS Photographers
  • FS Christians
  • DiploChic: A private Facebook group to share tips and fashion advice.
  • Former & Transitioning FSOs
  • The IN TRANSIT Hub
  • FedFam: Resources for Federal Employees and Contractors
  • Artists Abroad: A Facebook group of supportive artists and creative professionals living and working in the Foreign Service and as expatriates abroad. The purpose of this group is to share resources, tips, exhibitions, venue and other contacts, art business experience, and inspiration to help each other be successful art professionals around the world.
  • The Artists Formerly Known As EFMs: A closed Facebook group for former EFMs, those who have divorced or separated or are in the process of separating from their spouses/partners in the State Department. This is a resource and source of strength.
  • Psychotherapists in the US Foreign Service: A closed Facebook group for EFMs who are trying to adapt their careers as therapists to the mobile lifestyle. The target audience includes clinical social workers, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, and others with current licenses in the mental health field. 
  • Outward Bound Nurses: A closed Facebook group for EFMs who are Registered Nurses to connect and share information. 






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Many post-specific groups and blogs are secret for security reasons. To find out about groups for your post, contact your Community Liaison Office (CLO) or write to office@aafsw.org for help. AAFSW members can also access a list of groups in the members-only section of www.aafsw.org.