10/21/20: The link to Livelines discussion group has been updated on the Social Media page.

10/21/20: A Senior Care Guide has been added to the Retirement section of the site.

6/4/20: A link to Catherine Pierce’s article “Resilience and Lemonade” has been added to our Covid-19 Resources section.

5/14/20: An article on death that occurs while in the Foreign Service has been added to the site here: What To Do In Case of Death in the Foreign Service.

3/27/20: Our Medical and Resilience page has been updated with links for dealing with Covid-19.




Foreign Service Community Support Offices, Groups and Organizations
Official and Independent Support Resources and Advocacy Organizations.


Foreign Service Social Media

AAFSW-run social media groups and more.


Bidding, Travel and Moving
General moving, moving with pets, school research links and unaccompanied tour support.


Life at Post
Bidding resources, social media groups, emergencies,
and post evacuation.


Back in the USA
Transitioning to D.C. or back to the United States.


Employment for Spouses, Partners and Retirees
EFM employment, including volunteering, and retiree support.


Education and Parenting
Raising children in the FS, scholarships, special needs/gifted, boarding school,social media resources, adoption.


Medical, Wellness and Resilience
Medical clearance, medical evacuation, health insurance, air quality, wellness and resilience.


Finances, Legal, Insurance, and Retirement Resources
Insurance resources.