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Foreign Service Community Support Offices, Groups and Organizations
Official and Independent Support Resources and Advocacy Organizations

Foreign Service Social Media
AAFSW-run social media groups and more

Bidding, Travel and Moving
General moving, moving with pets, school research links and unaccompanied tour support

Employment for Spouses, Partners and Retirees
EFM employment, including volunteering, and retiree support

Life at Post
Bidding resources, social media groups, emergencies,
and post evacuation

Back in the USA
Transitioning to D.C. or back to the United States

Education and Parenting
Raising children in the FS, scholarships, special needs, boarding school, adoption

Medical, Wellness and Resilience
Medical clearance, medical evacuation, health insurance, air quality, wellness and resilience

Finances, Legal, Insurance, and Retirement Resources
Financial resources

About the Foreign Service Hub is a comprehensive gateway to Foreign Service resources, including official, non-profit, and independent sources and social media groups. An AAFSW volunteer team, with the help of a grant from the Una Chapman Cox Foundation, created the Hub in 2016. It is run by the Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide. Read more about our mission


Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide (AAFSW) is a membership-based and accredited 501(c)(3) association within the American Foreign Affairs Community, that has evolved to include Foreign Service and Civil Service employees, spouses, partners, members of household and retirees since our establishment in 1960. Since 2018, AAFSW has been a recognized Department of State Employee Organization.

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Map for Change is a community-created resource that highlights volunteer opportunities at U.S. diplomatic posts overseas, plus the DC area.


There are so many great online resources and support groups for the Foreign Service community, but many people still aren’t aware of them. …The Hub indexes all of these resources in one easy-to-use site. Please use it and share it with others!

Patricia Linderman, AAFSW President 2011-2015

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