Organization name: American Employee and Recreation Association (AERA)

Office location: U.S. Embassy Djibouti

Country: Djibouti

Region: AF


Contact person:

Size: Small (1-10 employees)

Year founded: 1982

Service area(s): Adults, Financial Management, Skills Training

Beneficiaries: American embassy employees and family members.

Volunteer history: The AERA commissary is a true focal point for the community and the line out the door on the days it is open is a testament to its importance to us all. In addition to being a shop, the commissary is a social gathering place where people can touch base with others, interact with community members they don’t see regularly, and meet someone new. A 2022 SOSA nominee conducted an audit and discovered anomalies in anticpated shipping fees. Working with the board and personnel at the military base, they developed an accurate picture of the commisary's accounts. **SOSA= AAFSW's Secretary of State Award for Outstanding Volunteerism Abroad. Visit to learn more.

Latitude: 11.5640021710

Longitude: 43.1671911302