Organization name: Atlas Corps

Office location: 1100 13th St NW Suite 800, Washington, DC 20005

Country: United States

Region: WHA


Contact person: Scott Beale, Founder -

Size: Medium (11-99 employees)

Year founded: 2006

Service area(s): Adults, Education, Skills Training

Beneficiaries: Civil society leaders around the world

Volunteer history: Atlas Corps - Atlas Corps is a J-1 exchange program that brings leaders from around the world to Volunteer in the U.S. There are MANY opportunities to volunteer virtually and many members of the FS community have volunteered. Opportunities include serving on the Board of Directors, Trustees and Donors, as well as Local Ambassadors to support new Atlas Corps Fellows and nominators of candidiates. Volunteers can receive training in order to serve on the Selection Board where they virtual review applications and interview candidates. **Can volunteer virtually**

Latitude: 38.9040854

Longitude: -77.0322778