Organization name: Bridge2Rwanda

Office location: KK 737 St, Kigali, Rwanda

Country: Rwanda

Region: AF


Contact person: Fonda at

Size: Large (>100 employees)

Year founded: 2007

Service area(s): Adults, Children, Education

Beneficiaries: Students and Young Leaders in Rwanda and East Africa B2R runs the Bridge to Rwanda Scholars, acollege transition program to help High Achieving Low Income students from Rwanda and East Africa prepare for and attend university abroad. Almost 100% of the students earn full tuition, room, board and cost of attendance scholarships to their future university and are supported while in school and then upon transitioning back to their home country through summer and post-graduation internships, business incubation, etc. They also have recently opened Isomo Academy a broader summer program to help all eligible students in Rwanda prepare for international college applications via an intensive advanced English training academy. Finally, B2R has an agricultural development program to boost efficient production in the region and provide career opportunities in agriculture, engineering and other technical fields.

Volunteer history: Volunteers can participate in teaching English itself, or a variety of other classes that will help students prepare for higher education, including freshman level college courses, personal development, critical thinking, history, test prep and more. You can also support their efforts to place graduates in careers throughout East Africa by helping with resume and interview preparation and other post-baccalaureate support. EFM and 2022 CCE-EFM winner, Lauren Steed volunteered with Bridge2Rwanda

Latitude: -1.9620707

Longitude: 30.0661173