Organization name: THIS for Diplomats

Office location: 1250 H Street suite 300, Washington DC 20005

Country: United States

Region: WHA


Contact person:

Size: Large (>100 employees)

Year founded: 1982

Service area(s): Adults, Event Planning, Other

Beneficiaries: Diplomatic families posted to embassies and missions in Washington DC

Volunteer history: THIS was founded in 1961. We are an all volunteer organization wtih one paid office staff. THIS for Diplomats welcomes diplomatic families to Washington DC. We provide 17 regulary scheuled Cultural Exchanges which meet at volunteers' homes where diplomats and American volunteers share thier cultures. This is an excellent oppertunity for diplomats to meet Amreicans and other diplomats. Many lasting friendships are formed in these groups. We also provide visits to loclal points of interest and some "behind the scenes" locations such as the Pentagon, Naval Observatory, private art collections and curator led tours of museums. US Foreign Affairs family members have been active with THIS in the past. Roles range from chairing event committees to providing refreshments for cultural exchanges to driving diplomats to events. All volunteers pay annual dues of $125. Please note a new volunteer will need a sponsor and fill out the online form:

Latitude: 38.899607

Longitude: -77.0313588