Organization name: Chikumbuso Women and Orphans Project

Office location: Ngombe Compound, Lusaka

Country: Zambia

Region: AF


Contact person: Trudy Banda in Zambia Linda in the US

Size: Small (1-10 employees)

Year founded: 2005

Service area(s): Adults, Children, Other

Beneficiaries: Chikumbuso is a collective of individuals forming a grassroots community project in Ng'ombe, Zambia. We are all members of the community-students, single mothers, widows, grandmothers, volunteeers, and employees. There is also a school that educates 500 students in grades k-7 and they serve lunches to the students every school day.

Volunteer history: Embassy family members volunteer here

Latitude: -15.3648114

Longitude: 28.3153392