Organization name: Women Empowering and Entrepreneurship Development Organization (WEEDO)

Office location: Kigamboni, Dar-es-Salaam

Country: Tanzania

Region: AF


Contact person: Rehema Konza,

Size: Medium (11-99 employees)

Year founded: 2019

Service area(s): Adults, Skills Training, Women in Development

Beneficiaries: Adolescent girls and young women aged 13 to 22

Volunteer history: January 2021, volunteers hosted a virtual fundraising event and raised funds to purchase two sewing machines. Embassy community donated two printers for WEEDO. In June 2021, volunteers applied for, and were awarded, a J. Kirby Simon Foreign Service Trust grant. Volunteers work with WEEDO’s Executive Director to explore options for the NGO to become sustainable. A 2022 SOSA nominee was actively involved with these activities. **SOSA= AAFSW's Secretary of State Award for Outstanding Volunteerism Abroad. Visit to learn more.

Latitude: -6.7695712

Longitude: 39.114204