Organization name: Keep Hanoi Clean

Office location: 587 Lac Long Quan, Xuan La, Tay Ho, Ha Noi

Country: Vietnam

Region: EAP


Contact person:

Size: Small (1-10 employees)

Year founded: 2016

Service area(s): Environment

Beneficiaries: local environment

Volunteer history: Keep Hanoi Clean (KHC) was founded by James Joseph Kendall — a long-term American resident of Hanoi who was concerned about the levels of trash in and around his neighbourhood — in May 2016. Since that first clean-up event, James and his team of volunteers have engaged with nearly 2,000 volunteers and collected many tons of trash from over 50 locations in Vietnam. Clean-up sites have ranged from downtown urban Hanoi to Sapa in the north of Vietnam. Through our grassroots work with local communities and hands on approach to clean up events, KHC continues to motivate, inspire and educate in the environmental protection space. Hanoi Helping Hands has partnered with KHC in the past for clean up events.

Latitude: 20.9734461

Longitude: 105.3724819