Organization name: International Women's Association Georgia

Office location:

Country: Georgia

Region: EUR


Contact person:

Size: Small (1-10 employees)

Year founded: 1996

Service area(s): Underprivileged Communities, Fundraising

Beneficiaries: IWA Georgia was initiated in 1996 by a group of expatriate and Georgian women living in Tbilisi. Since then, IWA Georgia has supported women, children and elderly people who are at risk due to poverty, poor health and disabilities.

Volunteer history: A 2019 SOSA nominee volunteered as a Board Member. In addition, they served as the Charity Christmas Bazaar Coordinator. The bazaar raised 92,000€ for charity, the largest amount ever raised during their annual Christmas Bazaar. **SOSA= AAFSW's Secretary of State Award for Outstanding Volunteerism Abroad. Visit to learn more.

Latitude: 41.7311043

Longitude: 44.2797912