Organization name: Hope Workshop/Collateral Repair

Office location: 13 Salti Al-Ibrahimi St Amman, Jordan

Country: Jordan

Region: NEA


Contact person: Lobna El-Lama’ +962 7 9612 0876 or email

Size: Small (1-10 employees)

Year founded: 2006

Service area(s): Women in Development

Beneficiaries: Hope Workshop, a Collateral Repair Project, which is a craft collective providing refugee women (Iraqis, Syrian, Yemeni and in-need Jordanian women) the space to collaborate, create and socialize while earning additional income for their households

Volunteer history: Family Member and 2020 SOSA winner, Kimberly Aresenault volunteered with Hope Workshop 20 hours/week. She helped with sales and inventory control at local craft bazaars, resulting in raising over $20,000 for the organization. **SOSA= AAFSW's Secretary of State Award for Outstanding Volunteerism Abroad. Visit to learn more.

Latitude: 31.970228

Longitude: 35.958185